Custom Diamond Brand Necklace - Deposit

Custom Diamond Brand Necklace - Deposit

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For all my bougie cowgals. 

Transform your ranch brand into diamonds. Handcrafted, one of a kind, just for you. You are apart of the process from start to finish. 

These necklaces are fully customized to your liking. They can be made of 14k yellow, rose, and white gold, as well as platinum. 

The Process:
First, we will need a high quality picture or design file of your brand. We will then discuss the specific design you are wanting. The size you want, how you want the charm to hang, the type of stones, etc. 

Next, we will take the design and turn it in to a CAD image. This is basically a rendering of how the completed charm will look in digital format. We will email these to you for approval and provide a final cost. CAD revisions may incur additional fees.

Once you approve the CAD images, we will get started on the necklace.

Need To Know Information: 
This listing is $300 for a non-refundable deposit for the consultation, designing, and CAD images. This is NOT the final price of the necklace. The $300 deposit will be applied towards the final cost of the necklace.

Pricing varies based on design, design revisions, diamond quality/count/weight, metal quality and weight, chain option, etc. 

A rough estimate is between $1,200 and $3,000 including the design/CAD fee of $300.

 Metal Quality:
• 14k Yellow Gold
• 14k Rose Gold
• 14k White Gold
• Platinum 

Diamond Quality:
Carat total weight varies based on the brand itself, size of the charm, diamond size and count. Both lab grown and naturally mined diamonds are available. Standard quality is F+ in color and VS in clarity. 
Other gemstones are available as well. 

Chain Options: 
• Cable Chain - 1mm thick - available in 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, 14k white gold, and platinum. Comes in varying lengths from 15 to 24 inches. 
• Other chain options are available as well. If you have something you want, just ask! With these being custom necklaces, we can use whatever you would like. 

Availability/Processing & Shipping Time:
Once the deposit is paid, we will be in contact within 3 business days to begin the design process. CAD designs can take up to 14 business days, then crafting of the necklace can take up to 3 weeks. Please allow 6 weeks total from the time of order.