Terms & Conditions

All items are final sale. If for any reason you are not happy with your order, please contact us right away & we will do our best to work with you to resolve the issue. 

Shipping Policies:

  • READY TO SHIP ITEMS: After your order is placed and paid for in full, the items will be shipped within 5 business days unless we notify you otherwise. If there is a reason you need your items sooner please shoot us an email and we will arrange to have your items rushed. Orders placed after 5pm on Friday will be processed the following Monday.
  • CUSTOM ITEMS: Turn around time for custom pieces varies and will be discussed when a customer is placing their order. If an issue arises where turn around time may need to be extended, the customer will be notified right away.
  • USPS Priority mail services include $100 insurance. For this reason, we only use USPS Priority mail services. If you wish to purchase additional insurance for your items, please notify us before placing an order.
  • If a customer provides an incorrect address and The Rockin' T Bar S LLC ships it there, it will be the customer's responsibility. The Rockin' T Bar S LLC will not assume responsibility for invalid information that was provided by the customer at check out.
  • The Rockin' T Bar S LLC will not assume responsibility for lost/stolen packages. If you get a "delivered" notification and you have not received your package, The Rockin' T Bar S LLC is not responsible. You must call your local United States Postal Service location or your local law enforcement. 

    General Policies:

    • The Rockin' T Bar S is not responsible for customer wrist, ring, or necklace sizing errors. We highly recommend getting your ring size measured by a professional or ordering a ring sizer from our site to accurately measure your ring size. 
    • We strive to fill and ship your orders as soon as possible, therefore we cannot cancel or change orders once they have been placed.
    • The Rockin' T Bar S reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders at any time. 
    • All items are either handmade or hand-strung, making them unique and full of character. 
    • All products are made from .925 sterling and fine silver. Some pieces may include accents such as gold, copper, or brass. 
    • All metal is sourced through reputable jeweler supply companies. 
    • All stones are sourced through lapidaries, gem shows, mine owners, and jeweler supply companies. 
    • All of the stones used in our pieces are natural (unless stated in the listing) and can vary. All items are well represented in listing, although colors can vary slightly from monitor to monitor. 
    • All of the stones used in our pieces are genuine and may contain mineral deposits. Each specific listing has a list of the materials used for reference. 
    • Since the stones we use are unique, they may have an uneven texture or shape which only adds to their beauty. 
    • The stones we use are genuine and delicate, meaning dropping or harsh impacts could cause your stone to fracture or crack. The Rockin' T Bar S assumes no liability for broken stones. 
    • All beaded jewelry is hand strung by us. Any materials used (i.e. Navajo Pearls, semi-precious stones, etc) are sourced through jewelry supply companies, lapidaries, mine owners, or gem shows. 
    • We are not the artist or designer of Navajo Pearls. All Navajo Pearls used in our designs are sourced from Wholesale Jewelry Supply Co. For further information regarding the Navajo Pearls used in our designs please contact Wholesale Jewelry Supply Co.


    • Sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time. If you wish to remove patina or tarnish, you can do so easily with a polishing cloth. Never use solvent, jewelry cleaners, or steam cleaners as they may damage your piece.
    • Protect your jewelry against hard or abrasive surfaces.
    • Regularly inspect jewelry to ensure that settings, clasps, and joints are secure. 
    • We recommend removing your jewelry for water related or labor activities.
    • Remove your jewelry before washing your hands, using hand sanitizers, or lotions. 
    • Avoid exposing your jewelry to heat, chemicals, oils, lotions, extreme temperatures, household cleaners, and ultrasonic cleaners. 


    • The Rockin' T Bar S provides a 60 day warranty against damage due to a fabrication defect under normal use of the item.
    • We reserve the right to inspect the item to determine if it has been abused in any way, including exposure to harsh chemicals or damaging falls/impacts. If your item is determined to fall within the warranty, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer.
    • For items that are not covered by warranty or are outside of the time frame, they will be repaired at a reasonable rate. 
    • The Rockin' T Bar S is not responsible for lost or stolen items during shipping.
    • The Rockin' T Bar S assumes no responsibility for fractured or cracked stones. 
    • We only offer repair work on pieces made by and purchased directly from us. 
    • Please contact us at rockintbars@gmail.com for all warranty work.