Hey! Welcome to The Rockin' T Bar S. My name is Tess, I'm 28 and from Florida. I'm a registered nurse, wife, and self taught silversmith. Growing up, my dad was an artist and my mom a collector. Because of them, I have been able to admire some of the most incredible pieces of art over my lifetime. Ranging from statues in Italian museums to handmade jewelry at our home town art show - they always found the most inspiring pieces. I started my jewelry and art collection very young. Buying from makers all over the world and admiring their work is what inspired me to learn the art of silversmithing. Taking raw metal and rocks and turning them in to something unique with my two hands is the most amazing feeling. I'm truly grateful for my craft and where it has led me. When I'm not busy with work, I ride horses, and spend a lot of weekends at barrel races. I'm married to the man of my dreams and I couldn't do any of this without the support from him, my parents, and friends. My husband and I welcomed our first child into the world in April 2023, a sweet baby boy named Hayes. I am now trying to do my best to balance my time between life as a mama and life as a maker. I truly am humbled by the amount of people who have supported my passion and forever grateful to see my pieces worn and adored. Thank you all for being a part of my journey as a maker.



Pete and Shorty’s, the Rendezvous, Cliff’s, the Tall Corn in Iowa. The Chicken Coop, the Dome, the Fireside, Johnny Bukochec’s Zest for Living Lounge, the Homey, the Boardwalk, M’s Pub, Ole’s Big Game Lounge in Nebraska. The Little Bear, the Vic in Colorado. Goatfeather’s, Rockafella’s in South Carolina. The Hut Pub, Skipper’s, Norma Jean’s, Stormin’ Normans, Wally’s Pour House, the Crows Nest, Conchy Joe’s in Florida.

These are bars and taverns that I’ve frequented in the past. Each is or was unique. Through fifty years of public consumption there have been thousands of hours spent with family, best friends, interesting strangers in such places. I could tell you stories. I used to daydream about “my” bar, or what I envisioned the “coolest” tavern to be. I can put myself there to this day. Great art, tasty as hell food for sharing, a modest but meaningful beer selection, thoughtful playlists and occasional live music, and friendly faces, familiar or not. I would have called it the Rockin T Bar S, the logo would be a brand. Since Tess and I share initials I passed it to her for her brand. I’m happy and proud that my daughter likes it.

Peace and Love,
Tom Stephenson


From a dream bar, to horses, and now handcrafted jewelry - who would have thought?

This brand is so special to me and truly holds a piece of my heart. My horses have carried it for years and now, my jewelry carries it too.

Whether it be on a horse, a bar window, or a piece of jewelry - my hope is that when you see The Rockin' T Bar S, no matter where it is, that it makes you smile.